10/8/2016 Reply from LA Flood Relief Receipent
My name is Warren Sparks. I served 8 years active duty in the Marine Corps, during which time I was a member of the Silent Drill Platoon, a Mountain Warfare Instructor, deployed on the 31st MEU, and served a combat tour in Afghanistan. Following my time in the Marine Corps, my wife and I decided to move back to my hometown of Central, LA with our two small girls. We found a quaint home in a nice neighborhood that we purchased, remodeled, and began our new life in. On August 13th of this year, just a little more than a year following my departure from the Marine Corps and just as we had finally become acclimated to civilian lifestyle, our home flooded. While it has been a tremendously difficult experience, it has also been an eye opening one. Never before have we felt so much love, compassion, and heartfelt assistance from not only our families and community, but from complete strangers as well. Your generosity towards my family is beyond any help we could have ever asked for, and for that we are forever grateful.
10/8/2016 Another flood Relief Reciepent message
Thank you SO much for your consideration in this matter! My husband, USAF SMSgt Craig Juan (retired) and I, former USAF Captain Alejandra Juan, lost both of our vehicles and 60% of our home & belongings back in August during the unprecedented flooding. We had to be rescued from our home when the fast moving waters got up to my waist. Thank God for the Cajun Navy! The road to recovery will be long and slow but we're getting there. We have walls now but are still living on what's left of our living room floor since appliances and doors are hard to come by these days.
9/10/2016 LA Flood Relief
The Catholic Veterans Service Foundation with the assistance of CWV Post 1969 In River Ridge, LA starting assisting veterans and their families affected by recent flooding. More doner assistance needed so we can help more veterans in need. Please donate to our foundation!