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All too often, the bodies of unclaimed or indigent veterans have been indefinitely put on ice in Medical Examiner’s Offices –bureaucratic snafus unceremoniously dump vets into graves in a potter’s field.

In the past, some dead veterans wound up in potter’s fields as a result of rules that prevented medical examiners from taking their bodies to National Cemeteries for burial.

Part of the problem is that the VA will bury veterans free of charge – but it doesn’t pay the funeral cost of a coffin and transporting the body.  The responsibility of getting the veteran to the cemetery is not the VA’s unless the vet dies in a VA hospital.  But in many cases, rules prohibited the coroners from crossing the city lines with a body.

In many areas, the rules have been amended to allow an “organizational friend”, which must be a nonprofit group, to claim the body, pay the funeral expense and transport it to National Cemeteries for burial.

Help us give these veterans the burial with the honors they deserve by making a contribution to the CVSF Indigent Veteran Burial Fund. 

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